Mr. Sajal Mahanta

Secretary, Academic Council

The value of education in Technology, Science and Engineering is not only in terms of the Career opportunities but also it creates. Technical Education helps to get a job and to have a practical skill. As we are exposed to the Electronic Communication such as e-mail, chat rooms, weblogs, sms etc. in the day to day life as well as in professional life, it is probably more accurate to talk about Electronic English.

            Electronic Communication is an extremely fertile source of dissemination of knowledge, distribution of information etc., e.g. a blog (short form of weblog) on which some one records or writes about topics of interest in different subjects. Now our institute launch a website for this purpose.

            Our faculty members are technically sound and capable to work with, understand and motivate pupil, both individually and in groups. They are technically proficient and interpersonally competent.

            Our laboratories are equipped with sophisticated instruments and equipments.

            Faculty members updated themselves through the in-service training at Institute of National Importance. Out Institute provides a quality library facility both for teachers and students.

            Our Examination Cell is well organised for conducting both Internal and Semester or Annual systems of Examination.

            Each member knows his or her role and supports his or her teammates. As a result when our team works the whole become greater than the sum of the parts.

            Our Academic spirit is still founded on our enthusiasm, on our constant will to renew, on our cost consciousness, on our willingness to assume responsibility and to help, on our humbleness before the task and on the simplicity in our behaviour.

            We exist and operate within and not without an environment. We cannot neglect the limitations of our environment.

Composition of Academic Council

The Academic Council is the Principal Academic Authority of the Institution. The Academic Council is responsible for planning, co-ordination, development of all academic work/ curricular and co-curricular activities of the Institution

  1. Principal/Officer-in-Charge
  2. Secretary, Academic Council
  3. All Lecturers
  4. Librarian
  5. Lab. Assistant