Brief History


To spread technical education amongst the common people, to enable them to receive the benefits of State as well as Central Plans and also to improve the socio-economic structure of the local area, Contai Polytechnic was established in the undivided Medinipur District in the year 1990 with only one course namely Diploma in Civil Engineering and Rural Technology (DCERT). Later, Diploma in Civil Engineering has been introduced in place of DCERT with only 30 intake. Again in the year 1997, D.Pharm course was introduced with 30 intake. Moreover, from 2006 to 2010, five different courses have also been introduced. This has now become one of the largest Polytechnic in West Bengal.

It is worthwhile to mention that the main building was constructed in the year 1968.

At first, the office of the Contai Polytechnic was established at Contai S.D.O office in September 1991, with only few staffs and faculty members. Classes were conducted in the morning at Kshetromohan High School, Contai.

Present Status


By actual demarcation, the area of the land under the control of Contai Polytechnic is 28.16 acres.

The total area of Contai Polytechnic falls under two mouza namely ‘Brahmansashan’ & ‘Raghurampur’.

So, it is worthwhile to mention that huge amount of land has been lying vacant.


The Office of the Contai Polytechnic as well as classes was shifted to our Main Building in the middle of the year 1991, without having any electricity. Since then, all classes, Laboratories and Office are running in the Main Building. However after introduction of 5 new courses, it became almost impossible to arrange classrooms, laboratories of all the courses in the old Main Building. In view to accommodate all these, a new Academic Building was constructed in the month of August, 2012. Accordingly, classes are being run in the new academic building.

  • Classroom – Big and well ventilated, well-lit class rooms are available. More over Audio- Visual teaching facilities are available.
  • Library: A well maintained Library with sufficient number of Text books over 12,000 & Reference Books like B.P. – 99 (with CD ROM), U.S.P., Martin Dale (with CD – ROM ), I.P. – 96, Remington Pharmaceutical Sciences (with CD – ROM ) etc. are available.

An A/C reading room is available in the Library.

  • Laboratory: All Departments (Civil, Pharmacy, Mechanical Engineering, Electrical Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Computer Science & Technology and Electronics & Tele-Communication Engineering) are well equipped modern Laboratories for Practical Classes with sufficient machines, equipments, chemicals, glass Apparatus, Computers and work equipments.
  • Computer Laboratory: Two state of the art Computer Laboratory with nearly 100 computers is available in the Institute.
  • Auditorium: A big air-conditioned auditorium is available within the College Building for conducting various seminars and audio-visual programmes etc.
  • Workshops: Two big workshops are available within college campus but the huge spaces of these shops are still unutilized. It can be assumed that after full fledged running of Mechanical Workshop, the workshop will be fully utilized.
  • Museum: A well organized museum with displays of different Pharmaceutical dosage form, Crude drugs, Human organ / system, Skeleton, Charts
  • Hostel: A big Hostel for boys (60 seat capacity) with all amenities and two big playgrounds is situated in College Campus.

Another big 3–storied Boys’ Hostel (100 seat capacity) in front of the old one is also in ready to occupy condition.

A Girls Hostel of 100 seat capacity is under construction and it will be completed very soon.


Contai Polytechnic was started with only one non-conventional course Diploma in Civil Engineering & Rural Technology (D.C.E.R.T) with intake capacity 30.

It was continued up to 1995.

Due to some acute technical problem this course (D.C.E.R.T) was postponed and then Diploma in Civil Engineering (D.C.E) course was introduced in the year 1996.

Later, in the year 1997, another new course Diploma in Pharmacy (D.Pharm) was introduced in this Polytechnic.

After that, in the year 2007, two new courses namely Diploma in Computer Science & Technology and Diploma in Electronics & Tele-comm. Engg.  were introduced, followed by Chemical Engineering in the year 2008, Electrical Engineering in 2009 and lastly, Mechanical Engineering Department were introduced in 2010 in this Polytechnic.

At present only seven courses are being taught in Contai Polytechnic –

Sl. No. Name of the Course Duration AICTE approved intake capacity Eligibility criteria
1. Civil Engineering 3 yrs 60 after class X std.
2. Pharmacy 2 yrs 60 after class X+2 std.
3. Computer Science & Technology 3 yrs 60 after class X std.
4. Electronics & Tele-comm. Engineering 3 yrs 30 after class X std.
5. Chemical Engineering 3 yrs 60 after class X std.
6. Electrical Engineering 3 yrs 60 after class X std.
7. Mechanical Engineering 3 yrs 60 after class X std.