However, Dobrev prematurely left the show after Season 6 to pursue other projects, like psychological horror film “Flatliners” with Elliot Page and Diego Luna. She later returned to “TVD” to conclude Elena’s story in the Season 8 finale. While Mantegna was getting his acting career off the ground, Arlene managed the family.

Though their flirtations often raised eyebrows — speakerphone was not kind to Garcia and Morgan — the two shared a friendship stronger than most others in the show. When Garcia was nearly murdered, Morgan stayed at her apartment to ensure her safety. When Morgan was promoted to acting unit chief, Garcia surprised him by setting up his office, complete with colorful knick knacks. Love comes at a different time for everyone, and details on the romantic lives of another popular series on television, “Blue Bloods,” is just as surprising.

When Tom Cruise was already seeing Katie Holmes, it was reported that a Danish woman named Anette Johanson was “auditioned” to be his girlfriend. “They probably wanted to have some backup plan,” Anette told In Touch magazine. The Church of Scientology tried to shut down the allegations, but the word was already out there. When she was “set up” with Tom Cruise, actress Yolanda Pecoraro was struggling in her career. She had only some minor parts in mediocre shows and romantic comedies. She thought it would help her career at the time, but when they were matched, the age difference was too much .

In 2013, Roerig made headlines for seeking sole custody of the two-year-old which he gained when her mother, Alanna Turner, was jailed for “various crimes,” according to theDaily Mail. She is a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, but does not let her religion influence which acting roles she takes, per TVOvermind. Both of Cook’s sons have appeared on “Criminal Minds.” Mekhai has appeared as Henry LaMontagne on several episodes of the show, per TV Fanatic. Phoenix played Michael, the second son of Cook’s character JJ Jareau, per People. The pair met in high school, living in the Chicago area, and they began dating in 1969.

Gina Garcia-Sharp, who plays the appropriately named Agent Gina Sharp on the show, is great friends with Vangsness, due to their onstage history as members of the same theatre company. “I love these people,” Vangness said of her Theatre of Note compatriots in 2012. “They are some of the most talented and committed people I know. I really mean that. They are good actors. They help me raise my game.” Regé-Jean Page is the actor who plays the role of Simon Bassett in Bridgerton. He is sort of a cold individual but his reasoning for acting the way he acts all makes sense. He grew up in a household with a father who was verbally abusive and extremely harsh to him when he was just a boy.

Ian Somerhalder had a bit of a love triangle during his Vampire Diaries years

CBS’ “Criminal Minds”ran for 15 seasons before the BAU’s on-air adventures wrapped up in 2020; well, for a while, anyway. On January 29th, Michael & I Welcomed our beautiful baby boy River into the world,” she wrote via Instagram in February 2021. We are enjoying this time home with him, being present, & giving him all the lovin in the world🤍👶🏼 Becoming parents is the most rewarding gift in the entire world.” The Chemical Hearts actress was linked to Spencer Neville in April 2022 when the pair were spotted holding hands at Coachella, but they seemingly called it quits four months later. Us broke the news in July 2019 that Apa was dating his A Dog’s Purpose and I Still Believe costar Britt Robertson.

What happened to Golda Roshuevel’s long-term love?

In the recent spinoff of the “Girls Meets World” – the “Boy Meets World” counterpart, he portrayed the role of a teenager’s father. In a 2015 interview with Glamour, he said he does not go on a lot of dates. He is not a big fan of being spontaneous and prefers well-thought-out dates. Gubler said, “I don’t go on a ton of dates, but when I do, I try to make dates really spectacular.” Agent Gideon didn’t have much luck in love, but Mandy Patinkin found the love of his life early on in his career while immersing himself in stage theatre. He’s also having an on-and-off relationship with one of his ex-wives in the show.

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She and Rossi bait Cowles into taking the limbs with him out of the house, and once he drives onto an abandoned trail, she leads the arrest on him. After deducing that Cowles was obsessed with limbs but doesn’t have the capacity to kill people, Kate accompanies the rest of the BAU to the secondary residence of the real unsub, identified as Steven Parkett. There, they find a would-be victim who escaped, and the team splits up to find Parkett. Eventually, Kate is attacked by Parkett, who tries to kill her with a machete, but is shot and killed by Hotch. At the end of the episode, Kate reunites with Meg and tells her that she loves her. It just seemed fitting to include her along side her long-time friend and co-star.

She has enjoyed a long and varied career, which includes being a longtime member and former president of Hollywood’s Theatre of Note’s Artistic Board. Kirsten can be heard as part of the voice cast for the sci-fi comedy podcast, “Voyage to the Stars.” Set in the year 2263, the series follows a misfit space crew tasked to investigate what lurks behind a wormhole. Kirsten voices a lesbian space alien who falls into a love triangle with members of the space crew.

Her backstory is a tragic one, having been captured and repeatedly raped by theBarrel Girl Gang. She only appeared in one episode and it wasn’t all that memorable. During season six’s seventh episode, “Nebraska,” Dexter stopped at a mini-mart during a trip. Dexter was an interesting series in that it had some incredible highs and some truly bad lows. Season six was widely panned and a major reason was this storyline.

Dated: Cher

The pair initially met while filming Season 1 of Lifetime drama “UnREAL.” In 2016, they tied the knot, and Stroma later gushed about his bride to the press. “Seeing her come down the aisle, that was just gorgeous.” he told People. “She looked incredible. There might have been a few . I managed to wipe them away in times for words to be said.” A true romantic on screen and off.

Hogwarts’ magic has gone beyond the big screen to touch the lives of the beloved actors in the “Harry Potter” saga. Although their relationship on screen is still platonic, Bob and Eliza are in a serious relationship in real life! Extremely serious, we’d say, because the two actors got married in June SecretBenefits 2019. Where his love life is concerned, Cusick tied the knot with his long-time partner Annie Wood, in May 1992. Currently, he lives with his wife in Kailua, Hawaii, and they are raising 3 sons – Eli, Lucas, and Esau. Luke Newton is the actor who plays the role of Colin Bridgeton in the show.

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