Most people with dyslexia have normal or above-average intelligence. While a child with dyslexia has problems with spelling, grammar, organizing ideas, proofreading, and handwriting. Someone with dyslexia might not be a fluent reader because they spend a long time sounding out each word or reading words incorrectly. Famous people with dyslexia include entertainers like Whoopi Goldberg, Jay Leno, Henry Winkler, Danny Glover and Cher.

Our website services, content, and products are for informational purposes only. Healthline Media does not provide medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Their behavior reflects ADHD symptoms, not a desire to annoy you or make you miserable. Here are 10 ways to offer healthy support without draining yourself or neglecting your own needs, whether you’re in a long-term relationship or just started dating someone with ADHD. Both children with ADHD and dyslexia can appear distracted; however, the reason behind the distraction is different. Dyslexia is a broad term which includes a variety of learning disorders.

Relationship counseling with a therapist who specializes in relationships affected by ADHD can also help you and your partner work together to navigate the unique challenges you face. In addition to creating stress and tension, these symptoms can lead to misunderstandings and conflict. Estimates suggest anywhere from 2.5 percent to 4 percent of adults live with this condition. That said, ADHD often goes undiagnosed, especially in adults.

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I’ve done some reading/research on the subject but I’m reaching out in hopes I can get a better understanding of his learning disorder. When you feel stressed and need a break, you might meet a friend for a hike or jog. When your partner gets caught up in a project, you might drop in on family instead of feeling lonely at home.

As well as artists like Leonardo da Vinci, Tommy Hilfiger, Andy Warhol and Pablo Picasso. That if people with dyslexia worked harder, and really applied themselves, they could “get over it.” But that’s not the case. When your dyslexic boyfriend or girlfriend suggests that you start reading a book to them out loud, you’ll be moved, and you’ll take the job of selecting a title seriously. There’s nothing quite like sharing a book with another human word by word, you’ll soon realize. Bullied all her life, which almost made her have to drop out of school. And yet she’s all shy and uncertain and squished up by society and I just don’t get it.

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I don’t have dyslexia but have synesthesia – grapheme, chromesthesia, & ordinal. I also have ADHD; the testing included a full-scale IQ test, where I learned that i’m actually verbally gifted, with a verbal IQ of 130. Medications are often prescribed to help children and adults manage specific ADHD characteristics.

Or maybe they enjoy grocery shopping, but they have a hard time remembering specific details, like which brand of tomato sauce you like. If your partner has ADHD, this division of tasks might take a little extra thought, as people with ADHD may have different strengths. If you live together, there’s the issue of dividing up household chores and responsibilities, so neither of you ends up with more than your share of physical or cognitive labor.

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Interventions and supportive assistance with medication and behavioral strategies can help people manage the characteristics of ADHD. Educational programs can help people develop new skills to improve their reading abilities. When you are planning a date with your dyslexic partner, ensure that it is not organized around an activity or venue which entails a lot of reading or a hectic processing of information. Restaurants where the menu is in French and looks like a book almost, are better avoided as may be museums where the exhibits are accompanied by long, elaborate descriptions. Some dyslexics may even have understanding rapid conversation which is why you may think twice about going to a comedy club nights or a theatrical performance. Other than these, almost anything should be OK – you could engage in sports or a physical activity you enjoy like hiking or swimming.

Now, I don’t have dyslexia, but I find I vibe well with dyslexic people to a great degree. And yet everyone at school bullied him and treated him like crap, and I just never understood why. It’s like I see something about people with dyslexia that others just don’t see. Not dating someone with dyslexia but parenting one. You will probably find that he has issues with organizing things because his brain sorts them differently than you would expect.

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