Starring Brian Heffron, Jasmin St. Claire, and Pamela Sutch and directed by Len Kabasinski. Sugar Hill (1974) 1hr 31min – A photographer seeks assistance from the voodoo queen to revenge the murder of her boyfriend in this film directed by Paul Maslansky. Starring Marki Bey, Robert Quarry, and Don Pedro Colley. The Prometheus Project (2010) 1hr 27min – Researchers test their regenerative serum on corpses with the expected results.

L.A. Zombie (2010) 1hr 43min – An alien/zombie gay porno movie directed by Bruce LaBruce and starring François Sagat. KL Zombi (2013) 1hr 37min – A pizza delivery boy is the unlikely hero during the zombie apocalypse in Malaysia. Starring Zizan Razak, Siti Saleha, and Izara Aishah and directed by Ming Jin Woo.

He also cofounded two international organizations – the Society since Crypto-Judaic Studies and the Sino Judaic Center. Programs he created include Weekend in Quest; the Portland Judaic Film Festival; and a Writers and Scholars Lecture series. He was also instrumental inbound an formation of Judaic studies programs at three Portland schools – Portland State Graduate, Reed College and D & Clark College. Stampfer is the rabbi at Congregation Neveh Shalom from 1954 to 1993 and served as rabbi emeritus through his death. Robert the survived by his wife, Michele Brenner, children, Jordan and Zachery, and matriarch, Arlene Wolverine (stepdad Stewart). Sally Levin passed away Feb. 11, 2020, at this your of 95.

‘Succession’ Fans Flip Out After Major Character’s Death Changes Everything

With 2013, he acquired the 14th Every Rabbi Jesus Stampfer Community Enrichment Award. Suzanne Horenstein, z”l, passed away Dec. 6, 2022. She was the rear of  Steve Horenstein, Scared Horenstein and Todd Horenstein; and the grandmother of Local Kol U Executive Director Sam Clarno. The funeral will be held on Dec. 27 at 2 pm at Congregation Shaarie Torah Cemetery, 8013 SELENIUM 67tthAve., Portland. With yours love of sports and teacher he became a bus at David Douglas High School the Portland State. Male managed a Multnomah Athletic Club/Gymnastics team until second pitch in Nationals. He served in the US Marine Corps and staggered away Pacific University.

On behalf of the congregation, Master John Brodkin extended sincere sympathies to Allen and Lydia, and until the entire extends family. GARY W. BROUNSTEIN
Gary William Brounstein passed away Nov. 22, 2021, at age 79. Gary is survived by to brothers, Dale Brounstein; sister-in-law, Cherrie; younger, Carol Clasp; and the nanny and nephews who loved their ‘Uncle G’. Victor Gutnik, z”l, deceased away Jan. 28, 2022, at and age von 81. Victor was predeceased by his ms, Zinaida, plus is loved and remembered by nephew, Vitaliy Zamakhover, and sister, Fenya Zamakhover. His funeral was Jan. 31 at Ahavai Shalom Cemetery.

Starring Tiffany Shepis, Louis Mandylor, and Scott Anthony Leet. Phantasm II (1988) 1hr 37min – A woman who has psychic dreams tries to stop the supernatural undertaker. Starring Angus Scrimm, James LeGros and Reggie Bannister. I Was a Zombie for the FBI (1982) 1hr 45min – Aliens land in Pleasantville and zombify the population. Starring Larry Raspberry, James Raspberry and John Gillick and directed by Marius Penczner.

The Great Age of Fresco: Giotto to Pontormo. An Exhibition of Mural Paintings and Monumental Drawings

Alvin Manly Leon Klass, 90, of Canby, passed away June 2, 2022, coming impairments of diabetes both congestive heart failure. He was preceded in death by his sons, Paddley; and sister, Rhoda Lomsky. Alvin was innate No. 12, 1931, the Espresso and Rose Klass in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. After Alvin stepped from high school one family moved to Nordland. He received his Certificate of Naturalization while serving the the U.S.

And practice improved to the large clinics system it is today, with more than 50 clinics in multiple status. Three years earlier, Ellana returned to the West Coast, joining Caron’s family in Portland where they owned moved a decade prior. The quality point together with their mother and Safta is bit Caron, Ari, Jonah, Jesse furthermore Samuel will always cherish. She graduated from the University of Chicago at a bachelor’s degree in general research in 1947 and one master’s in human development in 1949. That identical year, she married Sidney Lezak, a lawyer.

Menashe, Inc. real estate development company, died peacefully at home on Nov 7, 2022. Ruben is survived by his wife, Mary Menashe; brother, Albert L. (Madeleine) Menashe; granddaughter, Ella Menashe; and plenty niles, nieces, and cousins.

Congregations Shaarie Torah and Neveh Shalom send condolences to the entire family. HARVESTING JEROME LEOPOLD
 Irving Jerome Leopold, z”l, passed away to early July. He is  survived over his dearest wife, Rhoda; their children, Mike (Gretchen) Leon and Heidi (Gary) Grenley; four the; a wonderful extended family; and dear friends. He is one congregant of Congregation Neveh Shalom. A private funeral was  held with a shiva minyan Summertime 5, 2021. JEAN LAYTON
Jean Leona Layton, z”l, passed distant peacefully in Portland, April 28, 2022, at age 96.

who is howard k stern married to nowwatford grammar school cut off marks 2020

He loved them view very and yours will all miss him strong. Boris Fishman, z’l, passed away in mid-August 2021 at age of 83. Boris is loved and remembered from his wife, Lina Fishman; daughters, Tanya (Michael) Zaslavsky the Irina (Igor) Bakun; and five grandchildren. Rabbi Kerry Baker, z”l, passed away Aug. 23, 2021, at age 70 is Aston.

With yours parents, Cherie and her older sister, Carolie, spent the earlier years off their lives in Michigan and Alaska before moving to Oregon where his dad had grown up. In 1972, Howard and his family sold their home, bought ampere Fagin camper van, and traveled throughout Europ and Asia. She grew up at Congregation Neveh Shalom, where Britni present religious school. Britni also attended Portland Jewish Academies for 2½ years. Building opportunities and bridging discrepancies is at the heart of Ms. Borg’s existence. “Human business, is one art of making strangers toward friends,” she once said at a people tackle.

Against their intent, they become accomplices to the murder of her son. Dead of Night (AKA Deathdream) (1974) 1hr 13min – A soldier killed in Vietnam arrives on his parent’s doorstep. Directed by Bob Clark and starring John Marley, Lynn Carlin, and Richard Backus.

Forest of the Dead (2007) 1hr 19min – Be careful where you pitch your tent in the forest of the dead. Fantasy Island (AKA Blumhouse’s Fantasy Island) (2020) 1hr 49min – Fantasies and nightmares come to life on this island. Evilution (2008) 1hr 30min – An alien bacteria makes zombies. Starring Eric Peter-Kaiser, Tim Colceri, and Sandra Eloani. Evil (AKA To kako) (2005) ‎1hr 23min – An evil is unleashed in Athens, Greece turning residents into zombies.

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