Their behaviors and attitudes can teach you a lot about yourself and provide vital information as to what is happening in your life, and on this planet. To over-analyze means that you have the correct answer but refuse to accept it. Then you go on searching for an answer you would prefer rather than accept the truth. Remember that the truth for one is not necessarily the truth for another, and that the truth has a tendency to drive you crazy just before it sets you free. Perhaps what you once thought was craziness is simply what it takes to free yourself from outdated beliefs.

Sometimes questions are more important than answers, and 7s should pride themselves on their ability to be endless inquisitive. In astrology, Libra is the 7th sign of the Zodiac, and is a symbol of unwavering truth and balance. In Tarot, the Chariot is the 7th card in most traditional decks. It’s a symbol of providence, and acts as a protector and supporter in times of hardship. But it’s also a card that can stir up trouble or represent problems on the horizon. If you were born with a 7 Life Path, you’re seeking perfection in this imperfect world and will accept nothing but the truth.

Tips for handling rejection when dating and looking for love

They enjoy solitude and take those moments of silence to think and recharge. Places that are noisy and crowded are likely to be avoided by someone who’s a Number 7. Their circle of friends may just be a little smaller, but they’ll often form very deep and meaningful connections with each and every one of those they hold close.

So which Life Path numbers in Numerology are most compatible with the 2, and which ones could be trouble? Keep reading to find out more about the Numerology compatibility of the Life Path number 2… Number 1 brings luck and social status to number 5’s, but don’t make for good life partners.

They are not romantic by nature but will express their devotion to their partner through trust and service. While a relationship with a 4 person will be committed and comfortable, it will likely fall short on passion and excitement. 1 people are full of energy and their motivation and confidence drive them through life. A relationship with a 1 Life Path is sure to be an exciting one, however, these people need their independence.

They can provide the 7 with excitement and new experiences, while the 7 can provide the 5 with depth and introspection. The 5’s free-spirited nature can also help the 7 break out of their comfort zone and explore new things. These folks can at times betoo closed off to others in order to really be able to form deep and meaningful relationships. However, when little things grow into big emotional issues, the Life Path 3 will respond passionately — a little too passionately, losing site of the love and beauty of the romance. On the upside, a combination of 2 and 3 can be very passionate and strong.

She enjoys honing her skills around curves and country roads, and more recently dual-sport as well. She is now a proud graduate of Yamaha Champions Riding School . Share this article via comment Share this article via facebook Share this article dating twitter. Dating us in your feed Like us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter. Now I am 38 yo and I talked about spirituality and mysticism even from 1998. It is important to remember that Master Number 11, even though discussed here as a separate entity, is simply the higher, double digit vibration of the number 2.

The Life Path 7 Meaning, Explained

They also respect each other’s personal space and don’t feel insulted or hurt by the lack of attention. As mentioned above, this number is far from social and tends to avoid any human interactions. People with life path number seven usually distance themselves from the people around them, so it’s pretty difficult to get close to them. They are shy, introverted, and prefer silence over talking.

7 people tend to live in their minds and are not afraid to explore the depths of life. They are curious and have many interests but aren’t especially social creatures. They may find it hard to meet new people, and even when they do, they tend to hide who they really are, making it difficult to forge authentic partnerships.

This numerical vibration is one that’s characterized by the quest to know how it works, and what it all means. The love of learning held by sevens requires a great deal of private time to cultivate their knowledge. Indulging in practical experiments and training is also vital – those on this Life Path are often incredibly talented with their hands. It’s a question which is often asked, but the truth is, no Life Path Number is really better than another.

You might find that 7s are the life and soul of the party, and then they mysteriously disappear from the event half-way through. Or perhaps you’ll find them observing from the fringes, or avoiding these gatherings altogether, for fear that they don’t fit in. Their unique view on the world and imaginative mind may lend them well to the arts, or to a clever idea that will kick start a business. Writing, for example, requires research and introspection, which 7s likely enjoy.

You must be careful not to confuse contentment for complacency. Paranoia is a common condition on the 7 Life Path, but the ‘big brother’ you think is watching you is often your own unacknowledged fear of how you are being perceived. Truth is knowledge, and knowledge is power – in that order. Information is only knowledge when it is accurate – and accurately understood.

How To Discover Your Past Life Purpose And Mission?

People with a life path number seven are not ones to put themselves out in the dating world. They would rather spend time with their books and their studies rather than with people. So, when they meet someone they actually feel attracted to, it is usually by chance. Shy, timid, and introverted people with the same way of thinking and a similar approach to life are generally more likely to attract sevens. This number needs someone who likes quiet and silence, has a lot of patience, and is capable of allowing their partner to have a lot of alone time.

The Number Seven in Numerology: The Lonely Searcher

You are focused on harmony, beauty and living life to it’s fullest potential. You’re known as being warm and friendly, even if you’re introverted. You have an amazing ability to see both sides of a situation, and mediate well. On the flip side, you can often become reclusive, and appreciate alone time. If you’re feeling hurt, you may hide yourself away from others.

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