After you install WordPress from Web Hosting Dashboard, install WP Dating Plugin on your WordPress site. You can set up your dating website yourself or let us set it up. You can also get mobile apps, and multi-site license if you buy our bigger packages. Seeko is a modern WordPress dating theme with the equipment to start your community-based or online dating website. This theme is powered by Elementor drag and drop website builder and BuddyPress.

Creating a well-designed, and fully functional dating website can be a smooth, seamless process with Elementor’s template kits. No coding required, simply download and install Elementor onto your WordPress site, choose your desired template kit, customize, and publish. This template comes complete with a fully designed homepage, search filters, groups, membership login page with pricing plans, a blog, and a contact us page. All you need to do is download and install the template, and then customize it to suit your brand and needs. This is a must-have for a dating website that requires user logins and profiles.

Also, thanks to features like the geolocation tools, your users will also be able to filter the search results by how close their matches are. There is a lot you can learn from websites like or eHarmony. They’ve mastered a lot over the years and have added features based on research and user feedback.

Firstly, that’s because WordPress offers hundreds of theme options that you can choose for your dating website. Once you’re completely satisfied with your website’s design, interface, and functionality, then it’s time to publish it live. Once you have downloaded and installed the kit, you can use the drag & drop editor to customize each aspect of the design and layout to tailor it to your needs. As far as hosting plans go, they range from affordable shared hosting plans to more expensive managed WordPress hosting and premium dedicated servers. To make your lives easier, we recommend several hosting packages that are fully compatible with Elementor.

#5 Advanced Search

You can use their paid marketing service to get a vast number of member profiles. Else, you can also create a page and search for different ideas to engage the users. Increase your page engagement and reach by offering free gifts, organizing online photo competitions, etc. All these themes are for WordPress which means that you can allow users to register on your website and provide them right to publish content. You can review and moderate this content before it goes live or do other manipulations with it.

The Untapped High Traffic Potential of Guest Posting and Why you Need it

Making other changes to your site, such as uploading your own logo, adjusting the colors, and changing the fonts is all very straightforward too. Well, those were the most important features that you’d certainly have to provide on a dating website like It goes without saying your website would need to be responsive, and a social sign-up and login option could be a great addition too. The search functionality should not just be able to list members based on a exact keyword match, but should also be able to suggest member profiles based on a similarmatch. The Chat plugin by WPMU DEV can be used to add a live chat functionality on your WordPress dating website, and works seamlessly with BuddyPress.

Let me know if you have any other questions about these or any other WordPress themes listed on Colorlib. No but you need someone to customize this theme according to your requirements. You can never be sure for how long it will be supported and it is always nice to know that you will get covered no matter what. Also, get your social network up and running in no time with extended documentation. Whether you would like to create a niche or a general dating website, you can materialize it both with Aardvark.

The best themes for dating sites can be seen listed above and Sweet Date tops the list. I read comments on ThemeForest, this theme has many unique features specially made for dating websites. Above listed ones are websites for dating websites and other community style websites. In your case you should look for theme with review functionality. We have a whole list with this kind of themes and you can find this list here. These are BuddyPress powered WordPress themes, so the main thing here is integration with this awesome platform that allows you to create any kind community driven websites.

How to Create a Functional Online Dating Site with WordPress

You can refer to which add-ons are required from the list shared under rtMedia section. When most people think of making a dating site that works, they believe that they have to generate a native system. That is not necessarily correct; you can make a functioning dating service using WordPress. The website creation model can help you develop a service that operates in any niche you want within the overall topic of dating. While this might seem mightily confusing, we’re going to show you some of the base concepts about developing your own functional dating service.

All updates to those themes are provided by the theme providers and are not the responsibility of WP As a complimentary service, we provide you with access to those updates and themes. Keep in mind that any updated theme installation will overwrite your theme config. Popular features, a publish-ready app will help you to increase your customer dimension. Whatever you do, make sure you don’t miss the Mobile Platform. Users should be able to search based on their preferences like gender, country, interests, and such.

There are also loads of great plugins available for this platform that will allow to extend theme functionality further. We tried to list the best WordPress themes that are well suited for Dating websites and any of those themes will get the job done for you. Kleo is powered by BuddyPress which means that you will get all the latest features from this ever growing and evolving platform. Sweet Date is a great theme and it will get the job done for what you need.

This should include all the relevant filters, such as who you’re looking for, age range, location, and other considerations and interests. To encourage users to sign up, you can restrict the search results so they only see limited profiles that are unlocked upon registration. Now, registered users can go to their account pages, where they’ll see options to customize their profile. You can also configure BuddyPress to add groups and hide profiles from general visitors. With Elementor, you can simply drag and drop widgets or pre-designed templates onto a page.

How to Start a Niche Dating Site with WordPress (In 5 Steps)

With sleek sliders, the Lovebird dating site HTML template will help your website to look just as professional as any of the heritage sites already out there! The demo template shows what can be achieved with the design if text is kept to a minimum. You can also include subtle animations that bring the page to life when a user scrolls over certain content blocks in this dating theme for WordPress. Step 8 – Start marketing your website on social media platforms and across the web to get the initial flow of visitors to your site. Make sure you get as many people as possible on your site in the initial days itself.

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