For the purpose of meeting the requirements of the various financial authorities in the United States, Freeway has developed a dashboard tailored to American customers. The number of staking Supercharges available to people in the United States is small, but they can still earn a lot of money with their cryptocurrency investments. When you’re ready to start trading Freeway Token , you’ll need to move your cryptocurrency holdings from Coinbase to one of the exchanges that support FWT trading. To be precise, 80% of each transaction fee goes toward revenue rewards, while 20% is for operations on the platform.

  • AuBit Freeway is providing support to stocks, Gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies.
  • There are now four markets for Freeway Token on four different cryptocurrency exchanges.
  • The good news is that Coinbase accepts both major credit cards and bank wires for purchases of cryptocurrency.
  • There are now 5,45,54,59,241 Freeway Token coins in circulation, for a total supply of 10,000,000,000 FWT.
  • There are also options to have mobile wallets installed on your smart device, but most of them are lacking in the space department.

If you are going to use PayPal, you need to buy Bitcoin or Ethereum first and then exchange it with the Freeway Token. You can use LocalBitcoins to find BTC or ETH seller who accept paypal as payment. Users that are using Freeway Tokens can enjoy the discounts when trading. They can enjoy inexpensive service and trading fees while trying to gain the highest profit. The platform can be used in more than 180 countries in the world.

Both were also involved with Dynamic Abundance, a blockchain and fintech advisory company that is no longer active. needs to review the security of your connection before proceeding. Currently, the most popular SFP exchange is Binance, which handled $ 7.15M worth of SFP trades in the last 24 hours. PancakeSwap supports the Binance Smart Chain token, while Uniswap, Bitmax, and Bithumb Global all trade the ERC20 token of FWT. At this point, you should be prepared to make your first investment in Bitcoin or Ethereum in order to purchase Freeway Token .


Redistributing revenues as rewards means as the platform gains adoption and usage, the number of rewards increases, therefore users’ holdings increase too. AuBit aims to produce greater investment returns than any other digital asset management platform. AuBit boasts having “little-known but highly-powerful revenue and cash-flow generating sources” under the hood of the protocol. The AuBit Virtual Hedge Fund “licenses cutting edge quant trading tech” alongside working with world-leading trading groups. As such, the licensed strategies AuBit has in place show a five-year track record of producing 40-50% annual returns.

As per AuBit’s social finance mission, the majority of the revenue goes back to platform participants. This is possible thanks to a blockchain automation model redistributing revenues, which the platform refers to as ‘AuBitisation’. Moreover, with the use of the Freeway Token , platform users can Supercharge revenues offering higher rewards.

Kucoin is one of the most solid exchanges in the market right now. They take regular payment methods such as wire and bank transfers as well as other cryptocurrencies. They have a presence both in the Google Play Store and the iOSAppStore.

Their blockchain automation model allows this and they call it the ‘AuBitisation’. Additionally, by holding, users can take advantage of the Supercharge product rewards that are much higher. Holders receive huge discounts on trading fees and they can opt for one-off fees instead of the yearly/monthly payments. Additionally, both of these platforms allow traders to facilitate token pairs and acquire a complete overview of FWT liquidity pools. You can purchase the FWT coin on some of the most popular decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap and PancakeSwap.

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Currently, FWT/USDT is the most often traded pair of Freeway Tokens on AscendEX, with a daily volume of $112,939. Freeway tokens may be bought and sold using a wide variety of fiat currencies and stable coins like USDT. Freeway Token is the official utility token of the Aubit Freeway platform.

Freeway Token

Cayman Islands-based IP holding company AuBit International oversees a network of international subsidiaries. Freeway Operations Inc., a Seychelles-based firm, operates the platform and supplies its underlying technology to the Freeway Lite and Freeway Lite US platforms. Additionally, agent organizations exist in both the United Kingdom and the United States. You can deposit different currencies and then ‘swap’ them for others directly on the platform.

List of Freeway Token exchanges where you can buy, sell and trade FWT

AuBit recognizes these unfair and unequal financial opportunities and, in turn, has created a financial product available to everyone. With a core mission of affordability and accessibility for everyone, AuBit offers services from just a $1 investment. Regardless of geographic location, social status, or career earnings, anyone can access these competitive financial investment services. AuBit is redefining social finance, bridging the old financial industry with the new. The platform offers returns on traditional investment products such as stocks and gold. However, AuBit Freeway offers higher rates than legacy services with no additional risk.

Privately owned crypto company, AuBit, is out to provide a cutting-edge digital asset management platform, Freeway, that is revolutionizing the social finance sector. AuBit Freeway is providing support to stocks, Gold, Bitcoin, and other cryptocurrencies. Formerly known as the AVHF, the AuBit Supercharger services went live in April 2020. As a lite version of an evolving platform, Freeway Lite is available in over 180 countries around the globe . Freeway Lite is the AuBit platform where users can earn higher annual percentage yield rewards on their staked assets than anywhere else currently in the crypto industry. Freeway Token is trading on 2 cryptocurrency exchanges across 2 trading pairs.

Freeway Token

The most popular Freeway Token pair isFWT/USDTon BitGlobal, where it has a trading volume of $ 0.00. You can trade Freeway Token with many fiat currencies including and many stablecoins such as USDT. There are now four markets for Freeway Token on four different cryptocurrency exchanges.

Freeway, which boasted 40% returns, has halted its services, citing “volatility” in the forex and cryptocurrency markets.

Once you are registered to any of the above, find the BTC/FWT or ETH/FWTtrading pair and then place the order to buy those pairing cryptocurrencies. Go back to COINBASE and transfer/exchange your Bitcoin/Ethereum. There is no better way to get started with cryptocurrencies than aiming high for the big boys. You have to buy your first shares of Bitcoin or Ethereum by creating an account at COINBASE.

This token was officially launched in April 2020 and at the time of writing, the price per token stands at 0.014 (which is 50% less than its all-time high of 0.03). Aubit’s Freeway Supercharger is a regulated platform where USD and EUR deposits are placed in regulated brokerage accounts . Go to LocalBitcoins and find person in your area who sells bitcoin/ethereum and accept cash.

The risk gauge rank for FWT shows the token is currently a high risk investment. Traders focused on risk assessment will find the gauge most useful for avoiding risky investments. You can also refer to Lendingblock review and review to compare their legitimacy. As a result, you and the new user who acquires your asset from the network will each receive a redistribution incentive as your asset value rises. Since Freeway Supercharger products are merely dummy versions of the real thing, they are currently uncontrolled.

Freeway Token would be the fuel of the platform, and it is managed through preferential network outcome and staking rewards. It’s safe to say that the token is an important part of the platform that plays a crucial role for the running and also development of the platform. Moreover, to deliver even easier and more seamless outcome, the platform has its own app.

Native to the AuBit Freeway platform, the Freeway Token , or FWT coin as it is frequently referred to, is a utility token with a wide variety of applications. The total supply of FWT tokens is restricted at 10 billion, with somewhat more than four billion currently in circulation. Deposits in USD and EUR are held in regulated brokerage accounts at AuBit’s Freeway Supercharger, a regulated platform . At the time of writing, one FWT is worth $0.00809, which places it at #283 on Coinmarketcap after a recent price increase of 36.70%. All content on CaptainAltcoin is provided solely for informational purposes. It is not an offer to buy or sell any security, product, service or investment.

Coinbase has apps for both Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android, but we’ve found that the web interface provides the most streamlined experience for creating an exchange account. The only thing that might be stolen from a Supercharger in the event of a hack would be the user’s information, as the machines themselves hold solely virtual simulation tokens. To avoid this, we recommend using the AuBit Freeway brokerage, which What is Freeway Token is governed by European Union law. This also prevents Freeway from investing or speculating with the money or taking any risks with customer deposits. In keeping with its ‘access-for-all’ attitude, Freeway strives to ensure that its platform is available to anyone interested in generating a stable APY. Affiliate partners cannot pay CaptainAltcoin to guarantee favorable review or higher ratings on the website.

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