The Cuban wedding traditions involve exchanging garlands. This representational act is done by both the woman and the groom’s families to be a sign of respect. Additionally , the newlyweds may have their sheets displayed to prove their virginity. The wedding ceremony is considered very important for the families of both bride and the groom.

The wedding service in Tanque is very huge and entails the entire family unit. Typically, around 50 to one hundred or so people enroll in. The wedding and reception are very lavish. Usually, the bride’s friends and family pays for the wedding. A wedding in Cuba is definitely celebrated with performing and music. The marriage wedding service is a traditional event that celebrates the union of two people, a union of families and a strong bond within the community.

Following the wedding, the newlyweds go on to their parents’ home, usually the bride’s parents. However , in the event the bride can be an only kid, she also can live with the groom’s parents. Since the Cuban people are likely to live in large families, the groom and bride may also experience one another’s brothers and sisters.

Many couples prefer to get married in a church, despite the fact that there are various wedding ceremonies that are held in exclusive homes. Traditionally, a bride wears a white wedding gown with amazing flower motifs. The astrology and online dating groom, however, will wear a white suit. The bride’s dress up is usually made from silk or satin and may also have ruffles or maybe a full blouse.

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