The couple that exhibits the “hottest” behavior in their room — still pretty tame by Western standards — will be rewarded with a fancy date. Various games encourage the potential pairs to make physical contact and ask each other bold questions. The quick pace of the show means no panel breaking up the footage with commentary; Bed on the Beach recognizes that only so much can be done during such a short time. When it’s time to move out, the contestants choose someone they want to continue to see without the cameras. Firstly, love catchers should strive to avoid money catchers since they can’t be paired up eventually.

King of Mask Singer is a singing competition where professional singers and idols come to compete in an elimination format. What’s interesting is that every contestant wears head-covering masks, hand-covering gloves, and mask-matching outfits. If you’ve ever seen Terrace House and enjoyed it, then you’ll find that these two shows share a lot in common. Heart Signal is more explicitly focused on romance and there’s more urgency, but it has its fair share of friendships and bromances.

They’re stuck there—sometimes for an entire day or two—until they can escape. Sing again variety show is about those who used to be a singer or someone who tried to be a singer once in their life but then give up due to setbacks. This show give them opportunity to show their talent as a professional. Loud is a variety shows featuring Park Jin-young’s JYP, and Psy’s P NATION. Together they begin a boy group project that targets the world. Various participants with different nationalities and strengths will present the stage for a boy group debut. Most of them having a trouble due to their locations and rising competitors.

We Are In Love: Season 2

Taste of Love involves pairing up two contestants, one of whom is a celebrity and the other who is not. As part of the rules of the show, they have to date each other for a period of 100 days. After which, they can make a decision if they want to continue their relationship or not.

Prior to running a pop up restaurant in another country, youn yuh Jung developed a menu based on her meeting with a Korean Chef Lee Won Il and Hong Seok Cheon, restaurant owner. I Live alone is a program showing the daily of of celebrities who live alone. This show let us know our beloved celebrities hobbies, what they like to do and unfiltered daily life. Sea Of Hope is a variety show that provides hope and healing to audiences. This shows starring prominent celebrities such as Lee Dong wook, SHINee’s Onew, Kim Go eun, and AKMU’s Suhyun. During this variety shows, members are given series of games and mission to completed, where the winner will obtain meals and better accommodation.

One of the most classy veteran actresses, Han Go Eun, goes on a trip to Italy for a whirlwind romance with an Italian hunk. Although their rendezvous only lasts a week, it leaves enough memories for a lifetime. Ex-singer G.Na also stars in another season of the show for a French love story. Conversely, if an attached individual gets together with a singleton, the prize money goes to the “mafia” – ie.

Change Days follows four couples who are on the verge of breaking up even before they appear on the show. They stay in the same house for two weeks and go on “change dates,” which are dates with people from the show other than their current partner. In the midst of going on “change dates,” the audience can see the couples attempting to communicate and resolve issues in their current relationships. EXchange is an intriguing dating reality show which features four couples who have already broken up. Four men and four women come together to look back on their relationships.

“Transit Love”

Complete with a panel of celebrities and love experts who provide commentary, Love Catcher is a fascinating show that provides a fun and intense peek at the psychology of love and romance. Not all “heart signals” are obvious, however, as participants have been known to choose someone totally unexpected, throwing multiple curveballs to the panel and viewers. “Somebody” has already released two seasons worth of impressive dance moves, with participants setting both the stage and hearts on fire.

The viewer’s votes was originally separated into 3 categories – Korea, Japan, and China. However, the current show enables viewers to vote for individual participants, regardless of their nationality. If only we’d known how challenging adulting really is, we would have wished for Peter Pan’s life growing up. From their music, clothes, skincare products, and even their food such as ramyeon, kimchi, …

“Heart Signal” errs on the cozier side of things and was filmed over a longer period of time compared to other programs. Participants of the show come from all walks of life, ranging from students to office workers, and even a racecar driver. At the end of every night they need to send a text to the person they’re interested in.

Niña Shane Cantero is a Digital Marketing intern at PS Media Enterprise and an incoming fourth-year BA Broadcasting student at the Polytechnic University of the Philippines—Manila. Vote up the best Korean variety shows on Netflix, and add your favorites if they’re missing from the list. Episodes feature behind-the-scenes footage of Blackpink’s “Ice Cream” music video, photoshoots of Jennie at the Jentle Home South Korea location, Rosé & Jisoo making pottery, and more.

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